Much of our research involves interdisciplinary projects with groups from around the world. We have several on-going collaborations within Sweden, chiefly with the Gustafsson, Larsson and Oldfors groups.

The interface between replication and transcription – Claes Gustafsson group
The mitochondrial transcription machinery is not only required for gene expression, but also for priming mtDNA replication. We are interested in understanding what regulates the switch between transcription and replication, as well as what happens when there are conflicts between the two.

Mouse models and cell biology – Nils-Göran Larsson group
Many of the pathways of interest we are able study in mouse models generated in the Larsson group.


Mitochondrial biology using mouse genetics and cell biology, Karolinksa Institute, Stockholm

Understanding mitochondrial diseases – Anders Oldfors group
The majority of inherited human mitochondrial diseases are caused by mutations in genes of the mitochondrial replication machinery, in particular, POLG. Together with the Oldfors group we try to understand the pathobiology of POLG mutations that underlie the clinical symptoms in patients with mitochondrial disease.