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Grant awarded to Majda Mehmedovic
(15-10-2018) Congratulations to our PhD student Majda Mehmedovic for getting a Knut and Alice Wallenberg travel grant.

European Researchers’ Night
(28-09-2018) This year we reached out to pupils in a local Gothenburg high school, hopefully inspiring the next generation of scientists.

Welcome Benedict Tan
(11-09-2018) Benedict Tan starts his postdoc position in our group.

Two new papers out
(08-08-2018) In one paper we show that RNase H1 is required for primer processing at OriL (NAR). Also, don’t miss our latest review about mtDNA replication (Essays in Biochemistry).

Welcome Dzemila Secic
(06-08-2018) Dzemila joins as our new biomedical scientist.

Welcome Anup Mishra
(03-07-2018) Our new postdoc Anup Mishra joins the lab.

Grants awarded to three lab members
(01-06-2018) Congratulations to our postdoc Maru Eugenia Sanchez-Sandoval, and our PhD students Majda Mehmedovic and Ali Al-Behadili, who were awarded grants from the Wilhelm and Martina Lundgren Foundation.

Visiting researchers
(01-06-2018) We say goodbye to our visiting researcher Amandine who returns to France, and in her place we welcome our new visitor, Layal.

EMBO Workshop — Molecular Biology of Mitochondrial Gene Expression
(20-05-2018) Our PhD students Ali Al-Behadili and Direnis Erdinc presented posters of their latest research at the 2018 Molecular Biology of Mitochondrial Gene Expression workshop.

2018 International Science Festival in Gothenburg
(20-04-2018) We welcomed visitors high up in Gothenburg’s Ferris wheel to talk about mtDNA. Read more about the yearly International Science Festival in Gothenburg here.

Swedish National DNA meeting
(22/23-01-2018) Great start to 2018 with the annual Swedish National DNA meeting in Gothenburg. Interesting research going on around the country and nice talks by everyone, including our postdocs Xie and Tom.

Maria Falkenberg elected to KVVS
(2017) Maria is elected to KVVS, the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences in Gothenburg.

Welcome Maria Eugenia Sanchez-Sandoval
(01-11-2017) Maria Eugenia Sanchez-Sandoval joins the group as our new postdoc.

34.5 million SEK from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation
(28-09-2017) Maria Falkenberg receives a 34.5 million Swedish crown project grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

Our student wins best thesis prize
(31-08-2017) Congratulations to Malin Bengtsson who won best BMA project thesis nationwide.

Goodbye Anna-Karin Berglund
(31-08-2017) Good luck to our postdoc Anna-Karin Berglund who moves on to work at Sahlgrenska hospital.

Welcome Direnis Cayli
(06-2017) Direnis Cayli joins our group as a new PhD student. She is a fellow of the REMIX network (a Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN).

2017 International Science Festival in Gothenburg
(13-05-2017) In the lovely setting of the Gothenburg Garden Society we talked with visitors about our research as part of the Gothenburg Science Festival.

Goodbye Yazh Muthukumar
(14-05-2017) We say farewell to our postdoc Yazh Muthukumar with Sunday brunch at the Clarion Post hotel.

Welcome Hector Diaz and Anna Wramstedt
(04-2017) Our new postdoc Hector Diaz and new PhD student Anna Wramstedt join the group.

Welcome Xie Xie
(02-2017) Xie Xie joins as a new postdoc in the lab.

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