Lab News

Lab News

Cancerfonden awards 5.25 million SEK over three years 
(14-10-2019) Many children treated for cancer develop complications later in life. Could damage to mtDNA be a contributing factor? This is a question Maria Falkenberg’s group will address with this funding from the Swedish Cancer Society, with the hope of finding new treatments with fewer side effects. Many news outlets are also excited about this project, including Swedish TV, Aftonbladet, and GT Expressen.   

New paper on novel pathogenic mtSSB mutations 
(30-09-2019) Bertil Macao from our group contributed to a multi-group collaboration led by the Carelli and Pippucci groups that identifies novel mtSSB mutations in patients with optic atrophy spectrum disorder

Lab presentations at the Mitochondria in Human Disease Conference
(18-09-2019) A wonderful meeting with many highlights, with great presentations from Maria Falkenberg who talked about our latest work on mtSSB disease mutants, and Örjan Persson and Majda Mehmedovic who gave poster presentations about their mtDNA deletion and TFAM projects.

Visiting scholars
(29-08-2019) We have had a busy summer with four visiting scientists working in the lab. Dr. Layal Ishak came back from Lebanon to continue a project with us for a couple of months.  From Newcastle, Professors Zofia Chrzanowska-Lightowlers and Robert Lightowlers have been with us for two weeks, along with their postdoc Shreya Ayyub, who is staying for a month. Always great having researchers wanting to come visit and collaborate with us!

New review paper out on how mtDNA is organized in mitochondria
(02-05-2019)  Together with Geraldine Farge we review the role of TFAM in mtDNA compaction, and regulation of replication and transcription. Out now in the International Journal of Molecular SciencesOrganization of DNA in Mammalian Mitochondria.

Welcome Sebastian Valenzuela
(02-05-2019)  We are happy to have Sebastian join as the group’s new research assistant.

Goodbye to Dzemila Secic
(01-04-2019)  Time for Mila to move on from the lab because she is moving to Norrköping. All the best to her in her new BMA position there!

Maria Falkenberg becomes a Wallenberg Scholar
(25-03-2019)  The Wallenberg Foundation announced today that Maria Falkenberg received a Wallenberg Scholars grant worth 18 million SEK over 5 years. Doubly good news because this makes Maria the first woman from the University of Gothenburg to receive this prestigious award. “We can start new, high risk projects that we otherwise wouldn’t dare to,” she said about the award (read more here). 

Our latest paper is out in Nature Communications
(17-02-2019)  We report on a new mechanism on how how mtDNA deletions arise: Copy-choice recombination during mitochondrial L-strand synthesis causes DNA deletions.

New year, new paper – out in PLoS Genetics
(07-01-2019)  A new year all the happier with our latest paper – RNase H1 directs origin-specific initiation of DNA replication in human mitochondria.

Grant awarded to Majda Mehmedovic
(12-12-2018) Congratulations to our PhD student Majda Mehmedovic for getting a KVA Bioscience grant from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

New paper out in HMG
(03-12-2018) We have a new HMG paper out, about our structural analysis of adPEO-related TWINKLE mutants. Our results show that the mutations affect TWINKLE oligomerization.

Goodbye to Layal Ishak
(30-11-2018) Today is Layal’s last day in the lab after a 6 month postdoctoral visit. We say goodbye and wish her all the best in her new position as lecturer in Lebanon.

Renewed support from the Swedish Research Council 
(26-10-2018) The Swedish Research council (VR) awards Maria Falkenberg 4.8 million SEK in project funding.

REMIX Meeting & Workshop in Gothenburg
(17-10-2018) The 2nd Annual REMIX Meeting was held in Gothenburg, 31 Oct – 1 Nov, followed by a data analysis workshop, 1 – 4 Nov. It was a great chance to meet all the REMIX fellows and PI’s again.

Grant awarded to Majda Mehmedovic
(15-10-2018) Congratulations to our PhD student Majda Mehmedovic for getting a Knut and Alice Wallenberg travel grant.


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