27-02-2018 Deadline for applying for Biomedical Scientist position in the group. Apply here.

2017 Maria Falkenberg elected to the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences in Gothenburg!

01-11-2017 Great to have our new postdoc Maria Eugenia Sanchez-Sandoval join our group.

28-09-2017 Maria Falkenberg receives 34.5 million SEK from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation! Read interview here (in Swedish).

31-08-2017 Congratulations to our student Malin Bengtsson who won best BMA project thesis nationwide!

31-08-2017 We say goodbye to Anna-Karin Berglund with lunch at Barabicu.

06-2017 Direnis Cayli joins our group as a new PhD student and part of the REMIX network.

14-05-2017 We say farewell to Yazh Muthukumar with Sunday brunch at the Clarion Post hotel.

04-2017 Postdoc Hector Diaz and PhD student Anna Wramstedt start in our lab.

02-2017 Welcome to Xie Xie who joins as a new postdoc.

2016 REMIX Innovative Training Network launches.

2016 Congratulations to Bertil Macao who became a docent!

11-2016 Ali Al-Belhadili’s seminar is voted best talk in the “Introduction to Research” course!

2015 Zofia Chrzanowska-Lightowlers and Bob Lightowlers start their sabbatical leave in our lab.

2015 Maria Falkenberg elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences!

2015 Monica Olsson receives visit from Nobel Laureate Tomas Lindahl.

2015 Maria Falkenberg receives ERC Consolidator grant!

Past Events

22/23-01-2018 Great start to 2018 with the annual Swedish National DNA meeting in Gothenburg. Interesting research going on around the country and nice talks by everyone, including our postdocs Xie and Tom.

08-11-2017 Medical Hill seminar: Claes Gustafsson- The human mitochondrial genome and its expression. 3-4 PM, Ivan Ivarsson lecture hall.

28-09-2017 The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation celebrates its 100 year anniversary with a conference on Metabolism. Tom Nicholls is giving a back-to-back talk with Doug Turnbull. Join us!

13-05-2017 Meet us at the Science Festival at the Gothenburg Garden Society.

10-05-2017 Wenner-Gren Distinguished Lecture by John Diffley: How our genomes are copied. Hosted by Maria Falkenberg and Per Elias.

30-9-2016 Meet us at the European Researchers’ night at the Gothenburg Maritime Museum